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Glenelg Veterinary Services provides small animal care to clients and surgical referral services to neighbouring veterinary practices. The practice is owned by veterinarian Nicola Pattison and opened as a two day a week branch practice of Portland Veterinary Clinic in 2000. Since then the practice has grown, and it now employs seven staff (including 3 vets) and is open five days a week. Nicola also provides emergency services out of hours, and is always just a phone call away. 

The backbone of the practice is care of cats, dogs, and smaller pets throughout their long lives. We provide routine care options such as vaccinations, desexing and microchipping, as well as providing high level diagnostic services and medical and surgical treatments. The clinic is well equipped with an in-house blood analyser, digital radiography, ultrasound and a dedicated theatre for surgery. Patient care is paramount and the clinic is well supplied with intravenous fluid pumps and two anaesthetic machines.

Everybody knows, of course, that the equipment is only half the story. Glenelg Veterinary Services leads the field in staff knowledge and on-going training. Nicola has completed her Masters in Veterinary Medicine (Companion Animals) and is working towards her Veterinary Memberships. 

Neighbouring practices use Glenelg Veterinary Services as a half-way point for improved patient care. While the clinic does not provide a specialist service, many of the surgeries performed at Glenelg Veterinary Services are out of range of general practitioner vets in country areas, and patients are often referred to Casterton & Coleraine from neighbouring centres for higher levels of care.

So whether you are bringing your valuable working dog for a knee reconstruction, or hoping to have your new kitten checked over, you can be confident that Nicola and her team at Glenelg Veterinary services can provide you with what you need.


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